Die Bedeutung der Ehe

Was ist die Bedeutung der Ehe? Sie verbindet zwei Seelen auf ihrem Lebensweg. Sie sollten sich gegenseitig helfen, in Freud und Leid, und beide sollten sich bemühen zu Gott zu gelangen. Seid hilfreich für euch selbst und auch für andere, denn Gott wohnt in jedem Herzen.                         Sant Kirpal Singh


Die Ehe ist ein heiliger Bund, ein Versprechen im Namen Gottes.

Es bedeutet, dass wir ein sehr heiliges Leben führen sollten. Die Bedeutung der Ehe entsprechend den Heiligen Schriften wird den Menschen aber nicht erklärt – es wird nicht darüber gesprochen, nicht einmal theoretisch weiß man, was sie im Innern wirklich bedeutet. Die wahre Bedeutung der Ehe, wie Meister es lehrt, ist uns mit Gott zu vereinen. Mann und Frau sollten in erster Linie für diese edle Aufgabe zusammen leben. Die weltlichen Aufgaben kommen an zweiter Stelle.

Das Wichtigste ist, die Ehe auf richtige Art zu führen. Wenn wir das verstehen, werden die Nachkommen, die daraus hervorgehen, ebenfalls die richtige Lebensweise einschlagen.

Das zweite ist: Die Ehe ist auch eine Rückwirkung aus der Vergangenheit – wer mit wem verbunden wurde (ist eine Rückwirkung aus der Vergangenheit).Die Ehe ist also eine edle Sache, aber nur dann, wenn dieser Bund, dieses Vertrauensbündnis, ein Versprechen im Namen Gottes bleibt.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

"Something can be seen especially in the west: People do not tackle the thing with the help of the Godpower, they follow their own likes and dislikes, and do not depend on their own self. They do not pray to the Godpower to have the marriage for the real sake, where one tries together to reach God. If they did, God would help them. Instead, they say, “We want to marry him or her, we want our enjoyment.”

Marriage is the holy union pledged in the name of God. This means that we have to lead a very holy life. The meaning of marriage according to the holy scriptures is not explained to the people – one does not speak about it, not even theoretically one knows what its inner meaning is. The real meaning of marriage, as Master says, is to unite ourselves with God. Wife and husband should get together only for the noble cause, only for the very right cause. The worldly things, the worldly issues are secondary. First thing is to maintain the marriage in the right way. If we know how to maintain the marriage, the issues who will come out of the marriage will also lead a true life.
Second thing: marriage is also a reaction of the past – who has been connected with whom (is a reaction of the past). Master wanted to finish all this in a very lovable way. Master used to say, “God unites, and also disunites.” It is alone His work.

All Masters say that marriage is a sacrament, not a contract. This system began ages back. We are entering into life. For that, Masters always enjoin that we must have good lives: we should be righteous; that is, have good thoughts, good words and good deeds.
All scriptures tell us that outer marriage means taking a companion in life for weal or woe on this earthly sojourn to help each other to know God, which is the highest aim before us in the manbody.

Q:We have a new factor in the West that enters in, called women's liberation, in which they don't believe in accommodating themselves to the husband the way that You've discussed.

Sant Kirpal Singh: Strictly speaking, husbands and wives should have equal rights. But they must be one soul in two bodies. Otherwise there's no good family life. God has united them as a matter of reactions of the past. Now I'm speaking very strictly according to principles. You don't mind that? According to principle when a man takes a wife and they want to leave each other, then even if the wife remarries or the husband remarries, they are both adulterers. These are the words of Moses. We fall short of these Commandments.

And there's real happiness only when one is attached to one person throughout life. In India this has been proverbial. In the West there are divorce courts. Every day if some trouble arises. "All right, I'll go (for a divorce)," the wife or husband says. So where's the peace? No peace. After six years just see them. One son has been born here, another is born there. Who claims them? Very difficult situation, I would say. India has been proverbial for family stability, but this disease has now also crept in here too. Divorced people think they are advanced. To my mind, they have degraded themselves by this level of thinking. So there is actually no permanent peace, union, or integration. You follow me? We also have divorce courts in India now--not many, but still they have been started; it is the nation's loss. In the West you'll find that trouble arises every day. There are very few who are sincere to each other.

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