The human body is the temple of God. In order to attain super-consciousness, one has to withdraw from all the physical attachments. So long as we remain identified with external objects, we cannot assume a subtle form. All Masters say that when you have got a manbody, the highest thing is to attach yourself to God. Wherever you will be attached, there will you go.

You have been coming to the world again and again. The reason is because you are not attached to God, otherwise you would have gone to God. So keep your diaries and eliminate all foreign thoughts from your heart. Our heart is at present divided. It should have no other thought except of Him to whom you want to be devoted.

So generally, what do we do? We get something to start with and fritter it away by being attached to outside. The father will be pleased with the child who has made the best use of what has been given to him. If he becomes an honest man to be relied on, he will be given more and more. We find people who say, "We were very well off before, but not now." But why not now? We have made beggars out of our own selves. So we have to be careful. Self-introspection is most necessary. Those who do not keep it, their capital will be dwindled away.

Now you see how important it is to maintain self restraint. Make use of something when you want it. Now you are dragged irresistibly to outside things. You have to live in the world quite detached. When you want to use one faculty, use it. When you want to leave it, leave it. It is not so with you now. For that purpose, you are given a contact with the Light and Sound principle within you. When you get more bliss there, your outward attachments will be cut off. A man who is really detached from the world is not affected by it. Renunciation truly lies in the fact that we are not tied to the world, to anything outside. A man who has got love within him, love of God, is attached to God so much that all other things leave his mind, he is not attracted by anything else. A heart that is not attached to the world never thinks of worldly things. One who does not show failures under the different headings and who has a pure heart, then God must sit in it. He is already there, but He will become manifest.

by Sant Kirpal Singh

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