Satsang is the preparation for ourselves, afterwards Master lets us start the journey of His Naam, which means that He gives us the contact with His Naam and then takes us back home.

Master says, when He sends us into the world, He sends us like a "hansa" (a mystic swan, the embodiment of the pure soul), who lives in the Sarova, but our attention is like that of a crow (the black crow symbolizes the soul who is forlorn in this world). You forget that you are a hansa and become a crow. Inside you had Satsang every day and you were embedded in it, but now the string has been cut from the kite. The string is in His hand, but it has been cut and the kite is left in this world. You should listen to a Satsang of truth so that you will get the light. Do not be late, in whatever condition you may be, you should go to such a Satsang. When you are ready to develop yourselves and to listen to Him, He is also ready to help you. It is your turn now, do not postpone it, it is your chance, hurry up. When you lose this time, this opportunity, you do not know when you will get this chance again. (7 February, 2000)



What can we obtain from the Satsang? We get the purity of heart in the Satsang. Then we are able to go within and the Masterpower, the washerman, can wash off our inner dirt. In the Satsang we get the yearning for Him, and He Himself comes to meet the soul.

When the plants bring forth buds and little leaves, there is hope for fruit to grow. The leaves make us hope that one day we may be able to eat the fruit of the tree. When our condition is like this, the soul will be apt to see the inner form of the Master. To attain this stage, we have to climb the top of the mountain – from there He can see us.

From the top of the mountain He sees where smoke is rising and the fire is burning – He sees the condition of our heart. If we want to meet Him, we have to clear the way from heart to heart. The yearning of the soul should be so great that He can meet us from inside and outside, so that the Masterpower accepts us and resides in our heart. Only through His power, when He resides in our heart, can the lotusflower blossom in it. In this world we can only get the water from the eternal home when we enter the house of our Father.

With the inner water which we have received, and with the help of our Master and the Bhaktas (His devotees), we are able to conquer this fort, to fulfil the purpose of our life. (25 June, 2000)


Only if He allows it, can we hear Him and only with His grace are we able to listen to Him. So we should prepare such a place in our heart that the Masterpower can come in this house and give His inner colour to the bird, the soul. Our friend, the soul, is within us, always travelling with us, with every breath. First our soul listens to the Godpower (in the Satsang), and then the soul prepares its house to listen to Him inside. "We have come in contact with You, You are the only One, in a second You can take us above." This should be the cry, the prayer of our soul.

Master has just explained, "When there are clouds in the sky, then there is hope for rain." So, the Father is also ready to come and meet the child when the child is crying for Him.

And who is that Power whom we have got company with? Sant Kirpal Singh. Anybody who came in His Satsang got His colour, His blessing – such was His Satsang. When one was listening to Him, one forgot body and mind and ignored who was sitting beside, so strong was the colour of His blessing. This is the Satsang of the one who is competent. He Himself is intoxicated, and He gives this intoxication to us. To Him all are equal, this is the first sign that it is the Satsang of the one who is competent. His work does not bear the stamp of any religion, He has given His own stamp to His Mission. Those souls who get the colour from the Satsang of the competent One, they get His shining. (29 July, 2001)


So, you should sit only in the Satsang of the competent One so that you become part of the Satsang. Master says, "Don't blame others, deplore your own destiny." Just be silent and in peace, go within and see why your soul, your inside, has become like a desert. (This had been your condition) before He sowed the seed of Naam in you. "O soul, remember that He revealed to you the secret of initiation – you should turn your face towards Him." Search only inside and be aware that in the end the seed of Naam alone will be of help to you.

There are many so-called Satsangs (of false masters) in the world, but one should attend only a real "Sat-sang", which means "company with the true One". When you sit in the company of the true One, you yourself become part of the true company. Satsang is a place where the King of kings selects the souls first (who should hold Satsang), then He takes up His subject. Thus you get the colour of Him, and you are able to distribute this colour to others. (3 June, 2001)


To which Satsang does He take us? He takes us to the inner Satsang. There is the vibration of all the Mahapurushas, and from there the soul gets one drop of Amrit. When the disciple has got one drop of it, he is constantly waiting and yearning for a further drop of this inner Amrit. The place (where we can get this) is not far from us: He sits at the seat of the soul, where our treasure is opened. In the Satsang, where we are sitting, His colour is the same inside and outside. He sits on His throne and sees if there is any stain on the soul.

When we sit in His Satsang, He selects His souls, and then, according to the time, He blesses them with His Naam. This is Satsang.

It is no Satsang, when there are signs of outer festivals. We cannot say that all Satsangs are the same, the Satsang of the Almighty Power is a different one. He who knows where He lives wants to live with Him. One who yearns to get a dose of this inner remedy can only become healthy when he gets a drop of His Amrit. (16 July, 2000)


When one sits in His Satsang – the Satsang of the competent Master – He gives charging to the soul. Then the soul remains in contact with the true Sangat, with the Masterpower, and gets the benefit of the time. In this connection Soamiji said, "O friend, today you should hold such a Satsang as it is held in your house inside. They do not want to listen to the outer Satsang but will listen to whatever comes from within, from Your house." – "O soul, you should leave all the attachments to the world outside and you should be fully absorbed in the Satsang. There should only be You and me – no third one should see us. You should even forget your body. In this way you should attend the Satsang. What should you do? Your gaze should be constantly fixed on Him, then your eyes will be drenched in His. And when your eyes are coloured with His darshan, nobody is able to divert the gaze of the eyes. Nobody except for Him can bring you back again. Then the eyes will get a cooling shower from His inner well." (18 June, 2000)


You should go to such a place where the colour of God is given; there you can get something. There you should surrender your heart and establish a contact from heart to heart. When we sacrifice to the Master, our inside will ever be fresh and green. From where can you get this colour? Only in God's Satsang. There you get a part of His treasure as a gift. When you come to the Satsang of God with a pure heart, you will get one third of the fruit of His hardship. From where does the Master receive this colour? He gets it from the competent One, from the Almighty, to give it to His disciples. If Master did not take it from within, how could He give it outside? If one has not done one's own hardship, how can he teach others to do the hardship? You should develop such a Bhakti (devotion) and Simran that you may be always united with Him. Then you can meet the community of Sadhus and Bhaktas (inside)
When He gives us the power to meditate, He takes us to such a Saint that we can directly reach our internal home. But if one remains in the same condition as before, still entrapped in the net of Maya, although having been given so much grace, he is very unfortunate, and then he himself gives an invitation to death.

When one reaches the place where He resides, He gives such an eye to us through which we can know ourselves. Then we cannot see just ourselves, but we can also see the others. When the soul goes within and develops inside, the soul recognizes how the mind has been keeping it in confusion. (The soul says,) "I could see how the mind was keeping me in its clutch, but with the power of my Master I could free myself from it." Then the soul prays, "Without Your help I could not have overcome this problem." Only when we get the inner contact and go within, does Master open the door of salvation. Then the soul becomes more and more aware that there are two levels of Satsang – the inner Satsang and the outer Satsang. You should not only attend Master's outer Satsang, you should clear your heart and mind. Without doing the hardship of Naam (in the meditation), one cannot get the power of the spiritual planes, nor can one take residence there. We cannot attain Him by just constantly saying "Master, Master" or by repeating His name. We can only attain Him if we sacrifice our inner self. Otherwise He may take us inside, but then we will have to listen to the inner Satsang and wait for ages upon ages.
This Satsang here is being prepared inside and unites us with the knowledge of the inner Satsang. When we listen to the inner Satsang and the inner way is open for us, we are together with Naam and the Oversoul, and we proceed on the inner way. Then only can our soul get stable and firm. When we do the hardship of meditation, of Naam, our soul meets the Masterpower, and then only can we get the highest nectar. When we have got this highest nectar, then we are one with Him.

Extracts from different talks, by Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur


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